Are you ready? The PLAN and MINI-PLAN programs are not for the faint-hearted. Work with your advisor over a whole or half day of strategic brainstorming around ideas, strategies and directions for your creative business or arts organisation.

A PLAN or MINI-PLAN is best used by individuals, groups or organisations who are seeking an intensive planning session to help them navigate the trickier aspects of running their creative business or organisation. This could be a business or strategic plan, a marketing strategy, or a creative map for a long-term project – the goal is up to you.

PLAN and MINI-PLAN days are divided into four sections:

  • Part 1: Introductions and Goal Setting;
  • Part 2: A look at your Business Insides;
  • Part 3: A look at your Business Outsides;
  • Part 4: Creation of a Goal Matrix and an Action Plan


Good to knows…

A PLAN day allows more time to explore all the challenges that your business is facing in depth, while a MINI-PLAN is faster paced and can be conducted over a shorter period of time, with a lesser degree of depth.

       Can I get a

$5000 (+ GST) for PLAN

$2500 (+ GST) for MINI-PLAN

This price includes preparatory resources, strategic planning support, group facilitation if required, a business or marketing plan template (if required), plus a follow-up email including any more resources you might need.

Some ground rules…

  • A PLAN or MINI-PLAN must be completed in a single day, including breaks.
  • Meals are not included in your fee;
  • PLAN and MINI-PLAN days must be conducted with your advisor in person;
  • Any additional venue hire or travel costs must be met by the client.

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