ADVICE: Testimonials

Following are some of the lovely comments from our Advisory Program clients.

Thank you very, very much for all of your valuable advice and insights over the past 9 months. I suppose that timing really does suit the analogy of you having been the midwife to our business! You have been inspiring, insightful, a joy to meet with and have given Jack and I a whole heap of “stuff” to work through, and to continue to work at. We are committing to kick each other’s backsides to keep the business in check and on track. Thank you for everything, from the bottom of our hearts.

Daisy De Windt , Filmmaker and partner in Conceptavision, August 2014

Monica has helped me work through the initial set up of my business through the GROW program. We have discussed clear goals and milestones that I want to reach. I have been given valuable advice, strategies and exercises that have helped me to progress to the next level. My time management is improved dramatically, I have a clear action plan for the rest of this year, with clear goals, and I am also able to confidently negotiate and deliver contracts for commission work. My confidence has improved, and my understanding of business management is better. I feel like I am on track to success.

This is a great program that has definitely increased my understanding of how to run a creative business.

Jeff McGann, Artist and founder of Flute Bags, August 2014

As the sole owner of a business, you need someone to bounce ideas off. Having access to Monica through the GROW program is priceless, allowing me to share my issues or concerns, and have professional, impartial, sound advice in return, with specific measurable goals to achieve for our next meeting. These goals have had direct results to my business, in terms of process by creating new relationships with suppliers, or by improving my financial and accounting processes, and looking at new revenue models. Thanks Monica!

Nick Bolton, Founder and Director of TEN ALPHAS Pty Ltd, August 2014

I have been working with Monica at Creative Plus Business for nearly a year now, a period that has marked an important time of growth for my business. During that time she has been a pleasure to deal with adding clear and insightful direction and advice, and importantly keeping me to my decisions. Working in an area that sometimes defies the traditional business rules, it has been crucial to partner with someone who can demonstrate a genuine affinity with the creative industries.

Toby Hemming, CEO Bold Media, August 2014

When I was daunted by an infinite to-do list, Monica helped me prioritise. When I didn’t want to practice networking, Monica forced me to. When I had a question, Monica always had an answer. Monica’s mentorship has helped me grow Lights Camera Business from zero revenue per month to about $6,000 per month in less than a year (and growing fast). I feel lucky to have found Monica and would recommend her to anyone starting a creative business.

Reuben Field, filmmaker and principal of Lights Camera Business, September 2013

I first met Monica when I attended her Freelance Success course back in 2004. Years of sole-trading and a stint of employment later, I’ve returned to freelancing and have engaged Monica to help me set some goals, get me up to speed with the everyday requirements of being ‘in business’ in Australia and give me a source of accountability when I need it most. Monica’s approach has given me a focus and rekindled my motivation to structure my business in a way that can both be successful and satisfying. Her mentoring has empowered me to take charge of my goals, validated my offering and encouraged me to find the clients I want to work for.

Cath Beaton, web designer and principal of Phase Creative, May 2013

Monica’s casual coaching service CHAT was the next logical step for my business after completing her motivational workshop. Starting up and running your own business is a very personal and emotional process that requires a huge amount of time, investment, discipline and hard work. As wonderful as my support network are, they don’t offer the honesty, advice and accountability that Monica brings to the table each time we meet. Her wealth of knowledge, ideas and experience have been a huge part of my driving force to grow and develop my business.

Kate Abdou, interior designer and Man Cave owner, April 2013

Through the recent NAVA Synergy program Monica Davidson was my coach for eight weeks. I found the relationship that developed with her over this short period to be reliable, forthright, supportive and personal. She grasped the concept of my project immediately and through helpful suggestions and advice, I found that during this short time, my ability to be orderly and clear in my goal setting and communication improved.

Sarah Nolan, visual artist, February 2013