Charley Allanah

Business Advisor


Charley is Co-Artistic-Director of contemporary performance company House of Sand, and a Theatre Artists and Realisateur (poncey french word that sort of just means “director” but more specifically means “person that makes it happen”). Her artistic work has taken her across directing, dramaturgy, performance, teaching, and producing for institutions including The Sydney Fringe (Programs Producer 2019-21), STC, STCSA, Opera Australia, ActNow Theatre, Adelaide College of Arts, NIDA (Masters and Open Programs) and a slew of independent projects and companies.

Qualified in business from The School Of Getting It Wrong And Correcting It Fast, Charley is an expert in grant writing and management, philanthropy, team building, and making it work with too few dollars.


Master of Fine Arts (Directing, NIDA)
Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting, Adelaide College of Arts)


Long days on the beach. Quick blasts in the surf. Art that defies boundaries but also super trad art done really really well. Sing alongs (but not karaoke). Broad minds. Wine-time philosophy. Purple nail polish.


Cold weather (unless skis are involved). Queerphobia. That weird ‘Sunday evening before school starts again’ feeling (which can strike any time and is always awful).


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