Kyra Riesener

Executive Assistant


Kyra was born and raised in Germany. After spending a year in the US, she studied International Business Management in the Netherlands. An internship in the office of the non-for-profit organization and vegan restaurant Lentil As Anything led Kyra to spend time in Australia. In the first week of her internship, she fell head over heels in love (swoon!) and decided to stay here long term and put down roots. During peak times of the pandemic, Kyra accomplished certification as a project manager and an EU-Fundraising manager, as well as embarking on her journey as an abstract painter. Identifying as a Highly-Sensitive Person, she is a warm and nurturing point of contact for any questions or concerns that you might have and is our resident bringer of joy.


Bachelor in Business Administration and EU-Fundraising and Project Management Certification


YOU. Trees and birds chirping. Kindness. Creative energy. Shadow play. Authenticity. Shifts in awareness. Coffee. Coffee dates. Long walks involving multiple coffees.


Harm in all its forms. Spiders. Cockroaches. Selfishness. Disharmony.


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