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Why should creative people know more about business?

Being creative is a wonderful thing, but making money from your craft is a different set of skills altogether. In our experience, the more a creative person knows about the basic business aspects of running their own creative life, the more chance they have of making money and therefore building a sustainable and lifelong career.

From an institutional point of view, if students are empowered to create businesses and be more proactive about finding work and making money, they are much more likely to succeed. This brings happiness and sustainability to the individual, and benefits the organisation by developing graduates or participants to go forward as leaders in their industry.

It’s also great for the economy – creative industries are worth billions of dollars and we should all be deriving some benefit from that.

How does Creative Plus Business work?

The core of our work is in education. This comes in the form on live workshops and seminars, panel events and keynotes, online learning programs, webinars and resource sharing. All these products offer business advice to individuals in a secure learning environment, as well as bringing like-minded creatives together to discuss and develop their own business ideas. The training are also designed to be fun, relaxed and interactive. Networking possibilities are encouraged, whether in real life or online, particularly as we encourage creatives from a range of professions to come together and meet.

We also offer business advisory services to creative individuals, freelancers, arts organisations and not-for-profits. The advice is always delivered by a real person in real time, a creative practitioner from our team who also has commensurate skills and/or experience and/or qualifications in business.

We also offer consultancy to government bodies, arts organisations, educational institutions, peak bodies and councils. That could be anything from tailored workshops, to mentoring programs for students, to resources aimed at the specific needs of the organisation.

What are your qualifications?

You can find out more about all our quals and experience on the Team page.

Our doyenne Monica has been a creative freelancer and business owner for over 25 years. She also holds a Masters Degree in Screen Arts and business from the Australian Film, Television and Radio Schoo, completed in 2014. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications/Media from Macquarie University, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. You can find out more about Monica here and on her LinkedIn Page.

Are you lawyers or accountants or financial advisors?

No, we are not lawyers, accountants or financial advisors. We are all highly qualified in our creative professions and business experience, and we can provide business advice and guidance. Think of us as creative business General Practitioners. If you need a specialist, such as an accountant or a lawyer, we can direct you to more resources to help you with your more specific needs.

Visit the Resources page to find out more.

Where does all of your information come from?

We are constantly researching, reading, talking and listening to what’s going on globally in the creative industries. We also regularly seek guidance and collaboration from other business advisors, including the fabulous Lisa Penson, and we work closely with the Australian Taxation office and the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

Why so many professions?

One of the problems with working for yourself in the arts is isolation and it can be a lonely road trying to craft a self-sustaining creative business. By bringing different professions together into the same environment, we’re demonstrating that when it comes to business, we are all in the same boat. There is strength and support in numbers!

Do you help people one on one?

Yes, Creative Plus Business offers various advisory packages to individuals and small creative businesses. This is goal-based advice and mentoring that helps people identify what they want and where they’re going first, and then helps them find a way to succeed on that journey. You’ll get the help the need at a reasonable price from one of our many qualified experts.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring require the same skills and are both concerned with facilitating growth and change, but they differ in terms of time and outcomes.

Casual coaching available through the CHAT program is generally short-term and very specific. We start by focusing on one achievable goal, and then work towards that in a relatively short time frame (usually a few weeks or months). There is no commitment from either the coach or the participant.

The ongoing commitment of the GROW program is focussed on longer term advisory and mentoring, and usually requires goals that are more complicated or more difficult. This program also helps businesses through the change management process. GROW programs take a maximum of 6 months, but some clients have chosen to continue with subsequent programs for up to a year. There is a commitment to the relationship for the period of time and the participant is accountable to the mentor at all stages.

Is my information kept confidential?

The Creative Plus Business Group Pty Ltd, our parent company, is legally bound to honour and protect your privacy and the confidentiality of any communications and personal information shared with her or any other team member from Creative Plus Business. We also abide by the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics – https://coachingfederation.org/code-of-ethics

We not only keep your information confidential, but all our clients are also anonymous. We will not reveal you as a client unless you specifically give us permission to do so – you’re allowed to talk about us, but we will never discuss you. We often joke that we could not have helped over 1000 creative people if we were blabbermouths!

Is there a contract?

Yes, all of the programs are bound by a set of terms and conditions, or a contract. This is dependent on the program you have engaged with or the way you’ve come to us (or example, if we have been hired by a third-party then your contract may be with them, not us). If you are unsure about the legal arrangement you have entered into with us, contact the C+B team and they will help you out directly.

Where will the advisory sessions take place?

Our advisors are based in Australia but we work all over the world. You could come to our office in Sydney, or we might come to you if the circumstances are appropriate, but usually we will consult with you via ZOOM.

If you book a PLAN day and are not based in Sydney, you will be required to provide the venue and pay for any reasonable travel and accommodation costs incurred by your advisor. The same applies for our workshops and consultancy services.

What if I don’t complete all of the GROW sessions – is there a refund?

Only in cases of extreme personal or business duress will you be offered a refund. However, the C+B team will work with you to try and arrange a postponement of your remaining sessions, rather than an outright cancellation, where possible. You will be given a full or partial refund if the cancellation was at the request of someone from the Creative Plus Business team.

Do I have to come by myself?

No, not at all. Many of our regular clients are in partnerships, co-operatives or creative teams. As long as all parties involved in the session are working on or in the business, everyone is welcome and confidentiality still applies.

Is there a guarantee that the program will make all my goals into reality?

No. The process requires commitment and accountability from the client in order to work. These programs are not meetings with a fairy godmother – they are a way of being accountable to someone outside your organisation who will give you trustworthy guidance, honest feedback and an objective ear. Having said that, we have helped over 1000 clients in our programs and workshops, and 98%  have reported improvement in their creative business.

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