Whatever your goals for your creative business, big or small, it’s important to get the help you need and find the answers – and sometimes even the questions!

To help you along, we’ve located some of the best creative business resources available. It’s comprehensive and targeted information, and best of all – its free!

So, grab a cuppa, you’ll probably be here for a while.

Your guide to our fav…





A one page  Business Plan for creative people!


Business plans don’t have a very good track record with creative folk. After begrudgingly filling out a traditional plan to appease a lawyer or bank manager, they’re relegated to the bottom drawer to gather dust and never be seen again. Until now! We’ve crafted a nifty one page business plan (yes, just one page!) designed with the needs of creative practitioners in mind. It’ll help you map out all the important details of your business (think: business registration, key stakeholders, marketing, wellbeing strategies, and more) and act as a handy point of reference as you ride the rollercoaster that is creative business.

One page Business Plan for Creative people
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SO much info – so little time

That’s why we’ve created a bunch of downloadable resources just for you

Money Resources

Creative people often need financial information and support around their money. This is a good place to start…

Happening Admine PDF Guide by Creative Plus Business

Happening Admin

If you need help with your administrative needs, check out these hapening peeps.

Creative Organisations

A comprehensive list of Australian and international peak bodies, unions and support organisations…

Grants & Funding

Links and resources to help you find arts grants and tenders Australia-wide and learn more about how to catch one (or many!).

Health and Wellbeing for Creative people

Health & Wellbeing

If you’re trying to improve your own mental health or support somebody else with mental health issues, this may help…

Business Help for creative people

Business Help

This guide contains a complete list of government agencies, small business help, creative industries support & more…