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ONLINE: Beginner’s Guide to Marketing

HATE SELLING? TRY STRATEGY INSTEAD. Marketing is one of the most despised and least understood aspects of running a creative business and being an arts entrepreneur. Most creatives hate to sell, and would rather be making than hustling. There is a simple secret to making marketing more palatable – understanding the strategy behind the sales […]

ONLINE: LinkedIn for Creatives

LINKEDIN IS NOT FOR CREATIVES… Actually, that’s where you’re wrong. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for creatives but it does take a little bit of manipulation to make it work for you – and help you connect to potential clients and customers! In this interactive online workshop, creative practitioners can learn as a group about […]

ONLINE: Understanding Branding

HOW TO LAY THE FOUNDATIONS OF A COMPELLING BRAND Branding can be a tricky concept to comprehend and many creative freelancers and arts organisations don’t understand how to make it work. In a marketplace full of mixed marketing messages, a compelling brand can help a creative practitioner or organisation stand out from the crowd. Creatives […]

WEBINAR: Creating Marketing Personas

Figuring out who your target market is can be a finicky business. The secret to any effective marketing campaign for a creative business is marketing personas. Creating these compelling caricatures that combine real data about your existing clients and market research can help guide your content creation, craft targeted marketing campaigns, and assist you in […]

ONLINE: Time Management for Creatives

HOW TO MAKE THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING? This workshop answers the age-old question – how are we supposed to find the time to run a creative career, pursue our arts-based practice, and have a life as well? This fun and informal workshop discusses practical strategies to help you keep all the juggling balls in the […]

ONLINE: Talking About… Your Website!

WE KNOW WE NEED ONE – BUT WHERE TO START? A website is so much more than a passive online portfolio display. It can be a centralised place to showcase services, a marketing tool to share stories, and an educational platform to help clients understand your craft. Talking About.. Your Website is a practical and […]

ONLINE: Wellbeing for Business

MAINTAINING HEALTH AND WELLBEING IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Working in the creative industries is both rewarding and strenuous, physically and mentally. How can practitioners maintain relative balance between flourishing and falling, particularly when artistic output is built with emotion? Wellbeing for Business explores ways that creative professionals can purposely bring wellbeing practice into their everyday […]

ONLINE: Start a Creative Business!

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Curious about turning your creative practice into a fully-fledged small business?  This fun and friendly workshop will cover all the essentials you’ll need to get the basics right and avoid some of the most common pitfalls for creatives as they enter the world of self-employment and freelancing.  You will learn […]

ONLINE: Money is NOT a Dirty Word

THERE ARE SOME (PRETTY FABULOUS) DIRTY WORDS OUT THERE, BUT MONEY IS NOT ONE OF THEM The starving artist is a pervasive idea, and in reality many creative people struggle in self-employment because money is a constant battle. This isn’t always just due to lack of funds. Creative practitioners sometimes need the basics of business […]

WEBINAR: Social Media Storytelling for Creatives

As humans, we are hungry for connection and historically, this has come in the form of storytelling. Social Media provides a new and interesting way to share stories that are both a surefire way to humanise your brand and create deeper connections with your customers and clients. In this free webinar, we'll explore the different […]