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Five Tips for Freelance Creatives

FREELANCING IS TRICKY – AND INEVITABLE Freelancing in the creative industries is a fact of life. Even curious hobbyists and serial employees will need to understand the basics – not […]

Start-Up Success (Auslan Interpreted)

Start-Up Success is a panel webinar featuring five successful creative business practitioners who have been through the ups, downs, good and bad of starting out.

Money is NOT a Dirty Word

The starving artist is a pervasive idea, and in reality many creative people struggle in self-employment because money is a constant battle. This isn’t always just due to lack of […]

Beginner’s Guide to Marketing

HATE SELLING? TRY STRATEGY INSTEAD. Marketing is one of the most despised and least understood aspects of running a creative business and being an arts entrepreneur. Most creatives hate to […]

LinkedIn for Creatives

LINKEDIN IS NOT FOR CREATIVES...Actually, that's where you're wrong. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for creatives but it does take a little bit of manipulation to make it work for […]

What’s it Worth?

CREATIVE COSTING, PRICING AND SHARING YOUR WORTH Working out what to charge for creative products and services can be a colossal challenge. Where to even start? What’s It Worth is a practical […]

Social Media for Creatives

DOES SOCIAL MEDIA HURT YOUR BRAIN? Social media is a complex and challenging marketing tool for a lot of creatives, who find it hard to strike the balance between constantly […]

Diversify Your Creative Income

HOW MANY WAYS CAN YOU THINK OF TO MAKE MONEY? Creative businesses often need help to brainstorm all the possible ways to diversify their income streams (especially now!) and become […]

Understanding Branding

HOW TO LAY THE FOUNDATIONS OF A COMPELLING BRAND  Branding can be a tricky concept to comprehend and many creative freelancers and arts organisations don’t understand how to make it […]

Funding Fundamentals

Funding Fundamentals is a free webinar to help you understand how to write, manage, and maintain funding applications.

Talking About.. Your Website

WE KNOW WE NEED ONE – BUT WHERE TO START? A website is so much more than a passive online portfolio display. It can be a centralised place to showcase […]

Time Management for Creatives

HOW TO MAKE THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING? This workshop answers the age-old question – how are we supposed to find the time to run a creative career, pursue our arts-based […]