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We’ve crafted a bunch of kickass online programs delivered with humour and heart to help you upskill in your downtime. You can explore a range of long form online courses and bite-sized online masterclasses that dive deep into topics like goal setting, uncovering your passion and purpose, marketing and a whole lot more. The programs include a mix of video and written content with a bunch of supporting resources and workbooks to help you flesh out your ideas and keep learning after you’ve powered through the course content.

We’ll be rolling out funky fresh new programs every couple of months, so keep yo’ peepers on this page so you don’t miss anything. And if you’ve got a stellar idea for a course or masterclass topic you’d like us to delve into?

Hit us up at and tell us what chu want, what chu really, really want.

Creative Start-Up

Online Course

Creative Start-Up is the beginner’s guide to creative entrepreneurialism. In the thousands of hours that we’ve spent teaching and advising our clients, we’ve noticed a glaring knowledge gap: the foundations of best practice in business. Across four modules, the course explores getting started, money management, marketing magic, and some guidance around wellbeing and self-care as a business owner and artist.

You can expect engaging video content, downloadable worksheets, and a bunch of supporting resources to help you develop your ideas and move towards meeting your goals.

Find Your Why


Find Your Why is a deep dive into your passion and purpose that is designed to help you uncover or reconnect to that fire in your belly. It explores the motivations behind your creative practice and it asks some tough questions and shares some tough love to help you regroup, regain, and revive your creative and professional life.

You can expect heartfelt facilitation that will weave together the threads of why into a meaningful and shareable idea that will continue to inspire you on your professional journey.

Deadlines, Dreams, and Goals

Online Course

Deadlines, Dreams and Goals is a thoughtful and irreverent look at the nitty gritty of how we get in the way of our own versions of success.

In the course, we’ll help you figure out what you want (a big question, we know!) and then craft a practical roadmap to bring your dreams to fruition. We’ll also teach you how to evaluate your goals, better manage your time and deadlines, and share some tips to keep yourself on track.

Expert Strategy


Expert Strategy uncovers the secret to making additional income, and promoting your own cleverness, by positioning yourself as an ‘expert’ in your field.

The masterclass takes a personal and practical approach to understanding the nature of expertise, and helps you to find your own niche area of know-how. We also look at ways to overcome Imposterism and take the first steps in marketing your newfound area of expertise. Throughout the masterclass you’ll explore practical exercises, extra resources, and personal stories from a facilitator with decades of experience in being an expert.

Hold ya horses, it’s coming soon!

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