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ONLINE: Business Planning for Creatives

“BY FAILING TO PREPARE, YOU ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.” Benjamin Franklin summed it up best in the quote above.  A business or strategic plan is a summary and evaluation of an entrepreneurial idea – and it should be more than just a conciliation for bank managers and funding bodies. A useful plan can make the […]

ONLINE: Wellbeing for Business

Working in the creative industries is both rewarding and strenuous, physically and mentally. How can practitioners maintain relative balance between flourishing and falling, particularly when artistic output is built with emotion? WELLBEING FOR BUSINESS explores ways that creative professionals can purposely bring wellbeing practice into their everyday lives. Led by a creative industries and wellbeing […]

ONLINE: Pitchface

PRESENTING YOUR IDEAS, CONVINCING YOUR AUDIENCE Pitching is a necessary part of professional creative practice, whether it’s discussing an idea for a work, talking to funding bodies about a project, or participating in a competitive pitch process or competition. It’s fraught with legal and marketing challenges, and needs to be approached in a thoughtful and […]

WEBINAR: Navigating the New Normal

The light is gleaming at the end of the tunnel, and in NSW doors are reopening and businesses are coming back to life. What does this mean for creative industries? Join us for a panel discussion with creative industries Business Connect advisors to discuss how to navigate this next period of professional readjustment. We'll discuss […]

ONLINE: Cashflow for Creatives

UNDERSTAND THOSE DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS, Y'ALL Understanding how to manage the flow of money in and out of a creative business is always a challenge - and in a pandemic, even more so. The roller coaster of income and expenses, the 'famine and the feast', can be managed - but only with some expert advice […]

ONLINE: Social Media for Creatives

DOES SOCIAL MEDIA HURT YOUR BRAIN? Social media is a complex and challenging marketing tool for a lot of creatives, who find it hard to strike the balance between constantly talking about themselves and ignoring the platforms entirely! This friendly and up-to-date workshop covers the basics of how to kickstart marketing using social media, with […]

ONLINE: Creative’s Guide to Marketing

HATE SELLING? TRY STRATEGY INSTEAD. Marketing is one of the most despised and least understood aspects of running a creative business and being an arts entrepreneur. Most creatives hate to sell, and would rather be making than hustling. There is a simple secret to making marketing more palatable - understanding the strategy behind the sales […]

ONLINE: Selling Online for Creatives

THE BASICS OF STARTING AN ONLINE STORE Selling online and using e-commerce can be overwhelming at first, especially for creatives - where to begin? This beginner's course is ideal for any creatives who have products or services ready to sell, but no idea how to get their online sales set up. With a focus on […]

ONLINE: Diversify Your Creative Income

HOW MANY WAYS CAN YOU THINK OF TO MAKE MONEY? Creative businesses often need help to brainstorm all the possible ways to diversify their income streams (especially now!) and become more financially sustainable. Diversify Your Creative Income is an interactive online workshop that allows participants to discuss the various general ways that creatives can make […]

ONLINE: Money Management for Creatives

The starving artist is a pervasive idea, and in reality many creative people struggle in self-employment because money is a constant battle. This isn’t always just due to lack of funds. Creative practitioners sometimes need the basics of business money and financial literacy explained in a way that is easy to understand. This online workshop […]

WEBINAR: Expert Panel – The Digital Picnic

Cherie Clonan is the Founder and Creative Director of digital marketing agency The Digital Picnic. TDP has trained thousands of small business owners to uplevel their marketing skills so it's safe to say Cherie knows a thing or two about cultivating a loyal and engaged audience in the digital landscape!In this interview panel with our marketing manager Lillie […]

ONLINE: Funding Guidelines for Creatives

Government funding, grants, awards and procurement are often held up as the holy grail of a successful arts business, but this revenue stream also takes hard work and patience. After all, there’s no such thing as ‘free money’.Funding Guidelines for Creatives showcases the basics of writing, winning, and acquitting any kind of funding, as well […]