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ONLINE: Freelance Five

Creative professionals will usually consider freelancing at some stage—it’s the nature of the industry. What are the five biggest pitfalls, and how to avoid them? A career in the creative industries will very often involve at least one foray into freelancing—whether we like it or not! Everyone from curious hobbyists to regular employees will probably need to understand the basics—not to mention those who have deliberately chosen the freelance life. The Freelance Five is a fast, fun, and practical presentation specifically designed for creative practitioners and arts professionals with absolutely no business skills, to help them get the five most important elements of creative freelancing right. It’s a workshop designed by creatives for creatives and facilitated by those who have lived the life and have stories to share. Participants will learn all the following, with a focus on arts practice and creative industries:+ Step One: Setting up the freelance business properly, including registrations and ABNs.+ Step Two: Getting ready to make (and spend) the money, using best practice and tech.+ Step Three: Understanding how insurance works for freelancers (boring but necessary!)+ Step Four: Making the deal legal and using MOUs and agreements as protection.+ Step Five: Preparing for marketing, self-promotion […]

SINGLETON: Selling Online for Creatives

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SINGLETON SHIRE COUNCIL Selling online and using e-commerce can be overwhelming at first, especially for creatives – where to begin? This beginner’s course is ideal for any creatives who have products or services ready to sell, but no idea how to get their online sales set up. With a focus on the arts and creative industries, this workshop will cover:+ The pros and cons of selling online+ Preparing for the basics – bank accounts, cloud accounting and stock management+ Choosing an eCommerce model+ Understanding the Customer Experience+ The legal checklist+ Marketing your Online Store… and more! At the completion of the workshop you will have:+ Lifetime access to a Dropbox folder jam-packed with resources+ A One-Page Creative Business and Marketing Plan+ The option of more one-to-one advice from a creative business specialist. All questions are welcome in this relaxed, safe, and inclusive webinar. Participants are also encouraged to share their own experiences and network with their fellow practitioners. Who is presenting?Lillie Brown is a freelance marketing strategist and Marketing Manager of Creative Plus Business. Lillie works with small to medium creative businesses to devise and implement marketing and social media strategies that are easy for creative brains […]

RYDE: Cultural Tourism

PRESENTED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CITY OF RYDE The Cultural Tourist is a traveller who wants to learn, experience and get involvedin local offerings. How can your arts centre encourage this kind of visitor? Cultural tourism is when people travel “for essentially cultural motivations” such as study, artisticexperiences, festivals, and pilgrimages. For small-to-medium creative and arts organisations,cultural tourism can also be an effective way to generate revenue, connect with community,enliven the local tourism economy and help to define a place as a cultural and artistic destination. Cultural Tourism is a practical workshop in which participants will learn how to maximise thespecial attributes that set their organisation apart from others, including their history, traditions,arts and culture. This includes:+ Understanding the cultural tourist—what interests, motivates, or inspires the traveller?+ Your story—finding the story that needs to be told and an engaging way to share this with visitors+ Projects and Activities—what can your organisation or region offer to the cultural traveller?+ Outcomes—setting up systems to measure the data about the impacts of cultural tourism+ Marketing—sharing the story and projects with your potential market+ Resources—where to get help, resources, worksheets, and more! What do I get? All participants of this workshop also receive:+ Lifetime access […]

ONLINE: Creative’s Guide to Social Media

Social media is everywhere, as are tips and tricks to use it for business. What are the best ways for creative and arts professional to use this powerful marketing tool? Social media is a complex and challenging marketing tool for a lot of creatives, as it can be very difficult to find a balance between constantly updating the world just about themselves, and ignoring the platforms entirely! Creative’s Guide to Social Media is a friendly, up-to-date and interactive online workshop for beginners that covers the basics of how to kickstart marketing using social media, with a focus on the main tools at your disposal and the strategy behind the socials. With a focus on people selling in the arts and creative industries, you will learn: + A new and different definition of social media to consider for the arts and creative marketing. + The basics of social media marketing, regardless of which platform you choose. + The strategic process behind using social media for marketing, including R.O.I. + Understanding audience, and finding out what your followers and fans want and need. + Choosing the right social media, from the most used and popular platforms right now. + Content creation tips […]

ONLINE: Cashflow for Creatives

Making a living from your craft means learning, understanding and embracing the flow of money in and out of your practice. Financial literacy and concepts like ‘cashflow’ are necessities for creative practitioners and arts workers who want to take their passion to a professional level. Cashflow for Creatives is a short online workshop designed by creative practitioners to help other artists understand and embrace the rollercoaster of income and expenses that comes with working in the arts. It’s a safe space where every question is welcome, and the mysteries of money will become a little clearer. Participants will learn all the following, with a focus on arts practice and creative industries: + The Famine and the Feast – weathering the ups and downs of creative income + The Flow of Money Out – Understanding and making realistic budgets + The Basics of Forecasting, and how to develop a ‘crystal ball’ for income + The Flow of Money In – Understanding income and how to create regularity + Practical steps to getting financially organised + More resources and places to go for help Cashflow for Creatives is a relaxed and interactive online workshop that guides participants with practical tools and steps […]

WEBINAR: Care Based Practice

What is Care Based Practice? And why is it important? In this timely webinar, artist and expert Charley Allanah from House of Sand discusses the fundamentals of Care Based Practice, and how 'Care Based’ differs from and intersect with ideas like Trauma Informed Practice, Cultural Safety, Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion (DEAI). Charley will also discuss the concept with Ben Steel, the founder and company director of Screen Well, a peak body dedicated to promoting and improving mental health outcomes for the Australian screen industry. The pair will also work through whether or not Care Based Practice the right model for you, and share some practical techniques for a somewhat care based model for creatives, teams, clients and audiences. Part of our Lunchtime Learning series! What’s Included? A 60-minute panel webinar with our creative industries experts, plus lifetime access to additional resources and/or a special Dropbox folder containing more resources to support your learning. Who should sign up? Creative industries professionals and business people from start-up to established. We also welcome creative freelancers, soloists, students, start-ups and curious hobbyists. Who's the host? Charley Allanah is a multifaceted theatre and performance maker and Co-Artistic Director of House of Sand. Charley has created […]

ONLINE: Creative’s Guide to Websites

Creatives, arts organisations and small businesses all need a website, but where to begin when there are so many tech and design hurdles to navigate? A website is an essential part of any marketing strategy, but with a little thought and planning it can be much more than a passive online portfolio display. A creative’s website can be a centralised place to showcase services, a marketing tool to share stories and case studies, and an educational platform to help clients and customers understand everything they need to know about your craft, your purpose and the offerings you have that meet their wants and needs. Creative’s Guide to Websites is a practical online workshop for beginners that examines best practice for creatives to present their websites, with examples and helpful resources for DIY design. With a specific focus on the arts and creative industries, this workshop will cover: + Starting with the Why – Outlining the goals for your website and why they matter. + The importance of planning, making a Site Map and organising the content. + Designing a website that focuses on proactive sales as well as a passive portfolio. + Do It Yourself or Hire a Designer? The […]

PENRITH: Networking Tips for Creatives

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PENRITH CITY COUNCIL Networking Tips for Creatives is a surprisingly fun event designed to encourage creative people to get to know each other, while acknowledging the horror, and sharing a few tips at the same time. While it’s a vital skill in the creative industries, many practitioners consider networking to be the stuff of nightmares. Networking Tips for Creatives combines education with the opportunity to practice in a safe and friendly environment while embracing the discomfort of the whole process and having a laugh. BOOK NOW Tips that will be shared include:+ Success is before you start – preparing before the event;+ Mastering the art of the introduction;+ Overcoming shyness, awkwardness and the urge to run away;+ Dealing with difficult people;+ Getting the all-important follow-up right. You’ll learn how to network in the first half of the session and practice your skills in the second half. What do I get? All participants of this workshop also receive:+ Lifetime access to a dedicated Networking Tips for Creatives Dropbox folder full of additional resources and workbooks to help continue the learning after the workshop is over;+ Access to additional free webinars to supplement the material covered in the workshop;+ […]

MARRICKVILLE: Funding Fundamentals

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH INNER WEST COUNCIL. Funding and grants are often held up as the holy grail of a successful arts career, but there is no such thing as ‘free’ money. Accessing government and philanthropic funding requires a great deal of work, from preparation to writing applications to delivery and successful acquittal. Funding also means ongoing research and groundwork to be ready for any applications, as well as maintaining the resolve to keep trying after an unsuccessful attempt. This FREE webinar will explore:+ the different kinds of funding available;+ creating a grant folder (and being ready for opportunities);+ researching funding and considering applications;+ writing the proposal – and avoiding the common errors;+ creating a grant calendar;+ the acquittal process – and how to recover from setbacks;+ five ways to FAIL at grants. What’s Included?A two hour webinar with our creative industries experts (which you can access later if you want), plus lifetime access to additional resources on our website containing more resources to support your learning. Who should sign up?Creative and arts practitioners, freelancers, start-ups, students and arts entrepreneurs from beginners to established (International sign-ups welcome!). We also welcome curious hobbyists and people from outside the arts. Who’s the Host?Cat […]

ONLINE: Super for Creatives

A FREE webinar for creative professionals presented as part of our Evening Education Series. You're entitled to superannuation and you may not even know it. Most people working in the creative industries are entitled to super, even when they work with an ABN. That's been the case for some time, but the majority of creatives are unaware of this rule. REGISTER HERE The webinar will go through the rules around the super that you're entitled to, how to check, and what to do if you think you should have been paid and you haven't been. In this webinar, we'll discuss: + What super is, and how it works. + Who pays super and when. + How to work out if you're entitled to super. + What to do if they don't pay you. + What to do when you have to pay others. What’s Included? A 60 minute panel webinar with our creative industries experts, plus lifetime access to additional resources. Who should sign up?  Creative industries professionals and business people from start-up to established (Australia only, sorry!). We also welcome creative freelancers, soloists, students, start-ups, and curious hobbyists. Who should sign up? Creative industries professionals and business people from start-up […]

ONLINE (NSW): Time Management for Creatives

Creative practitioners and arts professionals juggle an array of tasks and projects, not to mention their personal priorities as well. How on earth to make time for it all? Most creatives are pushed to the limit when it comes to time management. Many are juggling work, freelancing gigs, passion projects, admin and marketing demands, as well as the other challenges that might come from parenting, caring responsibilities and other personal factors. There are solutions to these vexing issues, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The added complexities of neurodiversity and creative thinking mean that more than one tactic might help. 'Time Management for Creatives' is a fun and relaxed online workshop that explores a variety of practical options for time management, specifically designed for a range of learning needs. BOOK NOW With a specific focus on the arts and creative industries, you will learn: + The different approaches and individual definitions of what ‘time management’ means. + The importance of breaking down what ‘time success’ and priorities mean for you. + The difference between deadlines and goals, and how to make that work in your favour. + Challenges to better time keeping, including all the different methods of procrastination. + Apps […]

ONLINE (NSW): How to Start a Creative Business

Curious about turning your creative practice into a fully-fledged small business? Loving your artistic hobby, and wondering if you have the chops for freelancing? This fun and friendly online workshop will cover all the essentials you need to get the basics of creative business right, and avoid some of the most common pitfalls that artists can experience when entering the world of self-employment and freelancing. 'How to Start a Creative Business' was designed by creative practitioners for absolute beginners, and it’s a friendly safe space where every question is a good question, and the mysteries of business will become a little clearer. BOOK NOW You will learn all the following, with a special focus on arts practice and creative industries: + Setting goals and making a plan for your start-up journey + The Basics of Business including ABNs, structures, business names and licences + The legal steps to registering your Business + Getting ready for managing the money + Preparing for marketing and promotion + Where to go for more help 'How to Start a Creative Business' is your passport to a world where you can be creative, make money from your craft, and love your work! What do I […]