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ONLINE: Money Management for Creatives

The starving artist is a pervasive idea, and in reality many creative people struggle in self-employment because money is a constant battle. This isn’t always just due to lack of funds. Creative practitioners sometimes need the basics of business money and financial literacy explained in a way that is easy to understand. This online workshop […]

ONLINE: How to Start a Creative Business

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Curious about turning your creative practice into a fully-fledged small business?  This fun and friendly workshop will cover all the essentials you’ll need to get the basics right and avoid some of the most common pitfalls for creatives as they enter the world of self-employment and freelancing.  You will learn […]

WEBINAR: Make Friends with Failure

When it comes to navigating your business and creative practice, there is one F-word so dreadful, so terribly un-funky, that it brings a chill to your very bones... and that word is... (let's hear it from the perfectionists in the back) FAILURE!However, we also know that failure is an inevitable part of any process that […]


Juggling multiple jobs to support your creative practice? You’re amongst friends here! Slashies! is your go-to panel-slash-support group for creative professionals pursuing more than one avenue of work. Meet maestros-of-multiple-hats as they discuss their peripatetic careers and discover the innovations that can help you manage the business challenges so you can live your best #slashlife. Artists have […]

ONLINE: Social Media for Creatives

DOES SOCIAL MEDIA HURT YOUR BRAIN? Social media is a complex and challenging marketing tool for a lot of creatives, who find it hard to strike the balance between constantly talking about themselves and ignoring the platforms entirely! This friendly and up-to-date workshop covers the basics of how to kickstart marketing using social media, with […]

ONLINE: Wellbeing for Creative Business

Working in the creative industries is both rewarding and strenuous, physically and mentally. How can practitioners maintain a relative balance between flourishing and falling, particularly when artistic output is built with emotion? WELLBEING FOR CREATIVE BUSINESS explores ways that creative professionals can purposely bring well-being practice into their everyday lives. Led by a creative industries […]

ONLINE: What’s it Worth?

CREATIVE COSTING, PRICING AND SHARING YOUR WORTH Working out what to charge for creative products and services can be a colossal challenge. Where to even start? What’s It Worth is a practical workshop that covers the basics of figuring out the price point for creative work, including calculating costs and understanding what the market can bear. What’s It […]

ONLINE: Creative’s Guide to Marketing

HATE SELLING? TRY STRATEGY INSTEAD. Marketing is one of the most despised and least understood aspects of running a creative business and being an arts entrepreneur. Most creatives hate to sell, and would rather be making than hustling. There is a simple secret to making marketing more palatable – understanding the strategy behind the sales […]

WEBINAR: Financial Confidence for Creatives

Financial confidence is the feeling that you can make effective decisions about your money, and have the knowledge and willpower to take control of your financial life. It's challenging to learn, and even tricker for creatives who may not have a natural affinity for maths and the world of money.  This webinar outlines the importance […]

WEBINAR: Tax Time for Creatives (Auslan)

It's almost the end of the financial year, which means it's time to get your money stuff in order. It's not much fun, but a few simple tips and tricks (and a friendly face) can help. This FREE webinar will help you get organised in time for EOFY and take the terror out of tax. […]

ONLINE: Cashflow for Creatives

UNDERSTAND THOSE DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS, Y’ALL Understanding how to manage the flow of money in and out of a creative business is always a challenge – and in a pandemic, even more so. The roller coaster of income and expenses, the ‘famine and the feast’, can be managed – but only with some expert advice […]

WEBINAR: The Future of Social Media

Do you ever feel like you can't keep up with the constant changes on social media? When you're trying to market your business, the constant changes on social media can feel overwhelming and disheartening. The social media landscape is constantly evolving—change is the only thing that is guaranteed. In this webinar, Lillie Brown will be […]