Service NSW Business Connect provides free, independent, tailored business advice from experienced advisors in one‑on‑one sessions. We offer practical insights and business skills development. Services also include events and resources on a range of topics for small business.

Eligible NSW businesses and those aspiring to start a business in NSW can avail themselves of Business Connect services at no cost, which include advisory sessions and events. Customers receiving support will typically have access to up to 8 hours of assistance per financial year, encompassing business advice sessions and events.

Creative Plus Business is an approved independent provider for Service NSW Business Connect until June 2025.

To become a part of our BUSINESS CONNECT program:

  1. Log in to your Service NSW account or register a Service NSW Business Profile;
  2. Once you’re logged in, click on the Business Tab and then click the Business Connect tile;
  3. Select the tile Book An Advisor;
  4. Once redirected, type “Creative” into the “What Can We Help You With?” search bar;
  5. Look for the advisors who are Creative Industry Specialists;
  6. Check out our team of stellar advisors, and to see more, click View Full Profile;
  7. Once you have chosen an advisor you like, click the Request to Book button.

    You’ll then conduct your sessions with your chosen advisor via Zoom.

    All our sessions are confidential.

    Eligible applicants can receive up to 8 hours of free support per person.


    We’ve noticed that a few advisors who pop up under the ‘Creative’ search aren’t part of our Creative Plus Business Team. You can find our Creative Plus Business advisors via the links below!

    Andrew Gray

    Brooke Scobie

    Carl Sciberras

    Cat Dibley

    Emmie Hallett

    Felicity Blake

    Jess Milne

    Nick Bolton

    Rhiannon Hopley

    Robyn Saurine

    Rosie Lourde

    Sats Kramer

    If you have any questions or need more help registering, simply email