Grafton Regional Gallery – Regional Development and Funding

Oct 9, 2020 | Case Study

Creative Plus Business was engaged by creative consultant Kenneth D. Crouch to provide a charrette as part of an overall business and strategic plan for Grafton Regional Gallery in 2017. The charrette was designed to engage with as many of the Gallery’s stakeholders as possible, to discuss the challenges of engaging the local community and government; marketing and promotion; discoverability; and revenue generation. The purpose of the plan was to provide a business case for further expansion of the Gallery, for submission to the Regional Cultural Fund and Office of Local Government.

The Creative Plus Business team coordinated and facilitated the day, and provided support for Kenneth in the writing phase with follow-up research and intelligence gathered from the participant stakeholders. The final business plan and economic evaluation was submitted in February 2018, and in May the Gallery was awarded a $7.6 million grant to extend and refurbish, 100% of the construction costs requested.

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