Robyn Saurine

Business Advisor


Robyn started her career as an engineer and IT manager. She also pursued her love of creating art, specialising in abstract expressionism, and became a yoga teacher. Robyn has exhibited with international galleries, and she has provided project and artistic support to creative industry business operators across the globe. Her current practice focuses on working with unusual materials and adding performance by translating music into art. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Art and Design.


Bachelor of Management (Honours)
Bachelor of Business (Information Systems)


Morning dew. Peaceful sunrises and my yoga practice. Cuddles with my old Staffie, Mr Boy and my partner, Justin. Brookies Slow Gin mixed with Kombucha on hot days.


Unbrewed tea that tastes only like milk – yuck. Any kind of violence. A wind so strong it blows you around. Working a standard “40 hour week” – also yuck. Travelling away too long from my lovely partner and dog.


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