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WATERLOO: Networking Tips and Techniques for Creatives

February 22, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 8:30 pm

Networking Tips and Techniques for Creatives is a surprisingly fun event designed to encourage creative people to get to know each other, while acknowledging the horror, and sharing a few tips at the same time. While it’s a vital skill in the creative industries, many practitioners consider networking to be the stuff of nightmares. Networking Tips and Techniques for Creatives combines education with the opportunity to practice in a safe and friendly environment while embracing the discomfort of the whole process and having a laugh.

Tips that will be shared include:
+ Success is before you start – preparing before the event;
+ Mastering the art of the introduction;
+ Overcoming shyness, awkwardness and the urge to run away;
+ Dealing with difficult people;
+ Getting the all-important follow-up right.

You’ll learn how to network in the first half of the session, and practice your skills in the second half.

What do I get? All participants of this workshop also receive:
+ Lifetime access to a dedicated I HATE NETWORKING Dropbox folder full of additional resources and workbooks to help continue the learning after the workshop is over;
+ Access to additional free webinars to supplement the material covered in the workshop;
+ The possibility of further one-to-one business advice, mentoring and support from one of our creative industries business specialist advisors.

All questions are welcome in this relaxed, safe and inclusive workshop. Participants are also encouraged to share their own experiences and network with their fellow practitioners.

Ideal For: Curious hobbyists, creative freelancers and businesses, arts organisations.

Who is presenting?
Charley Sanders is Co-Artistic-Director of contemporary performance company House of Sand, and a Theatre Artists and Realisateur (poncey french word that sort of just means “director” but more specifically means “person that makes it happen”). Her artistic work has taken her across directing, dramaturgy, performance, teaching, and producing for institutions including The Sydney Fringe (Programs Producer 2019-21), STC, STCSA, Opera Australia, ActNow Theatre, Adelaide College of Arts, NIDA (Masters and Open Programs) and a slew of independent projects and companies. Qualified in business from The School Of Getting It Wrong And Correcting It Fast, Charley is an expert in grant writing and management, philanthropy, team building, and making it work with too few dollars.

What is NSW Business Connect? 
Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start, run, adapt or grow your small business. Creative Plus Business provides confidential, independent business advice and skills training for small and medium creative businesses across NSW as part of the NSW Government’s Business Connect program.

What’s Creative Plus Business?
We’re a social enterprise dedicated to educating creative people and arts organisations about business skills. We help through sharing practical knowledge in a fun and irreverent way, and everything we do is designed to help creatives to feel more confident and comfortable about the entrepreneurial aspects of their creative practice. We believe that a bit of naughtiness, tempered with a kind heart and a big dose of professionalism, is the key to helping creative people understand the boring basics of business.

Accessibility: if you have any access requirements, please email hello@creativeplusbusiness.com

 The Nest Creative Space, 76 Botany Rd, Waterloo NSW 2017

This workshop is sponsored by NSW Business Connect, a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted independent business advice and events to help you start, run, adapt or grow your small business.