Cat Dibley

Business Advisor


Cat is a national and international creative producer with over 10 years’ experience producing dance, theatre, tours, and festivals, and has been published on ArtsHub on the subject. She has worked at major theatre companies across Australia, Europe, and the US and founded a theatre company in 2011, producing many shows under this banner for mainstage companies, festivals, and large-scale national tours. During the quieter theatre moments of the last two years, Cat has worked as a creative consultant, story producer, and screen development producer and looks forward to even more collaborative projects.


Graduate Diploma Media Arts and Production
Advanced Diploma Performing Arts (Acting)
Certificate IV Small Business Management


Roadtrips. Subversive cross-stitches. Statement earrings. Mountain views.


Burnout. Mouth noises. Noses sticking out the top of masks. Selfishness.


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