The Sandpit – Sydney

You don’t need to play by yourself any more! The Sandpit is a not-networking night, designed for people who hate to network. Every other month, creative business people and freelancers  just like you meet for drinkies and chit chat in the safe and friendly environment of the pub. It’s all the good bits of networking (meeting people, drinking, getting out of the house) without any of the bad parts (awkwardness, pressure to sell, feeling like a dill). Best of all, this is a wanker-free environment, and it’s free!

Wednesday 6th March 2019,  7pm

Time to meet up again with some fabulous people, artists and filmmakers, designers and writers, actors and musicians, freelancers and entrepreneurs, groovy accountants and funky lawyers, and all of us brave, interesting folk who run businesses, big and small, in the creative world.

Why is The Sandpit “non-networking”? Because we meet to make friends, have a few drinks and find like-minded creative people. Golden Sandpit Rules: We DO NOT meet to share elevator pitches, annoy each other or be wankers. Please DO bring your business cards though, just in case you connect with someone cool 🙂

Host: Creative Plus Business, with your hosts Monica, Wendi and Steve

Where: The Bank Hotel, 324 King Street Newtown

When: Wednesday 6th March 2019 at 7pm

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All Sandpits are hosted by our dear friends at The Bank Hotel, Newtown

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash