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MARRICKVILLE: Financial Literacy for Creatives

June 17 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

All creatives, arts organisations and small businesses need to understand how their tax rights and responsibilities work – but it’s all so boring! And where to begin?

Tax is painful but an inevitable part of surviving and thriving in the creative industries. Managing the annual and ongoing obligations of tax as a creative means getting an understanding what’s involved in the first place, getting organised, and learning about the unique position that creative professionals hold in the Australian tax landscape. It’s not fun, but a few simple tips and tricks (and a friendly face) can help. ‘Tax Time for Creatives’ is a workshop that covers the basics of how tax works for creative professionals, the intersection between individual tax and small business, and how key creative tax rulings can help creative practitioners in the tax world.


With a specific focus on the arts and creative industries, participants will learn:

+ Understanding what basics of how tax works – jargon, income, expenses, and what to pay.

+ How to calculate ‘taxable income’ and ‘assessable income’.

+ The key creative tax rulings, and what they mean in practical terms.

+ Hobby vs Business, how to work it out, and why it matters.

+ The basics of tax deductions and how to figure out what you’re entitled to.

+ Easy tips and tricks for getting organisation, record keeping, and cloud accounting platforms.

+ Where to get help – an introduction to the Groovy Accountants.

‘Tax Time for Creatives’ is a collaborative workshop and participants will be encouraged to ask questions, share experiences and ideas, make connections and foster peer relationships.

What do I get?
All participants of this workshop also receive:

+ Lifetime access to a Dropbox folder jam-packed with additional resources and helpful links.

+ A Workbook to assist with the practical elements of the workshop.

+ Access to additional free webinars to supplement the material covered in the workshop.

+ The possibility of further one-to-one business advice, mentoring and support from one of our creative industries business specialist advisors. We have a whole team ready to help!

Who is presenting?
Monica Davidson is an award-winning expert on the creative industries, who began her professional life as a freelance journalist, performer, and filmmaker. Monica has a Masters degree in Screen Arts and Business from AFTRS, and was appointed as Australia’s first Creative Industries Business Advisor in 2013. In 2016 Monica founded the social enterprise Creative Plus Business, an organisation dedicated to educating creatives about small business skills, financial literacy, and marketing.

We’re a social enterprise dedicated to educating creative people and arts organisations about business skills. We help by sharing practical knowledge in a fun and irreverent way, and everything we do is designed to help creatives to feel more confident and comfortable about the entrepreneurial aspects of their creative practice.

What is Service NSW Business Connect? 
Service NSW Business Connect provides free, independent, tailored business advice from experienced advisors in one‑on‑one sessions. We offer practical insights and business skills development. Services also include events and resources on a range of topics for small business.

Accessibility: if you have any access requirements, please email hello@creativeplusbusiness.com

Venue: Marrickville Pavilion, Pauline McLeod Room WB195088, 313-319 Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

Creative Plus Business is an approved independent provider for Service NSW Business Connect until June 2025.