For those who want a little bit more.

Sometimes our clients want more – longer programs that cover a range of topics or options. These can be assembled from the workshops we already have, or we can create something unique to your requirements. Here are two long-form options.


A fast, practical, and collaborative approach to business and strategic planning for creative practitioners, arts organisations and commercial enterprises working in the creative industries. This 2-day program combines business incubation, start-up acceleration, creative collaboration and networking opportunity.

In a group of 8-10 people, individuals work together to complete their own business and/or strategic plan. They can create a plan to develop their business or organisation, brainstorm their revenue models, or prepare for a grant application.

Each session is based around a theme, working to a business plan template, and facilitated by an experience creative industries business specialist.

Time is spent on learning about and discussing the principles behind each theme, and on the practical completion of that section of the plan template.

Groups learn to support each other and collaborate in a safe and confidential environment, and participate in a private Facebook Group for their own cohort during and after the sessions.

The final goal:

A completed draft of a business or strategic plan by the end of the weekend.

Freelance Survival Skills

A two-day event that covers the basics of a freelance creative career in one fell swoop. Creatives are very often launching themselves into a ‘portfolio’ career without a whole lot of training about how to actually make it work. This practical and entertaining workshop covers the most essential aspects of learning how to freelance in a creative career, including:

Getting Started and Having a Plan – Be Your Own Boss is real!

Structural Basics – Know your rights and responsibilities.

Diversifying your Income – Creating multiple sources of income from your talent.

Working Out Your Rates – what exactly should you charge?

Super and Tax – Resources to help with the Scary Stuff.

Finding and Keeping Clients – Marketing and business development to end the day!

Freelance Survival Skills is ideal for:

Freelancers at any stage, people transitioning into self-employment, graduates, early stage freelancers, and curious hobbyists.