Industrial Evolution

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In prehistoric times a meteor hit and most of the dinosaurs died out – except for the clever ones that evolved into birds. As the digital meteor smashes traditional models of creative industry, some ingenious practitioners are finding ways of evolving the old into the beautiful new. Together, convention and creativity are starting to work together to develop dazzling and resilient new models for distribution, broadcast and audience engagement.

However, evolution is painful. Only the fittest and most adaptable endure. While radio survived the meteor of television, newsreels were not so lucky. What’s the difference between types of creative practice that thrive, and those that die – and how can artists exploit the best of both worlds?

This panel discussion and workshop features well-known practitioners from the five creative pillars of screen, publishing, performance, music and design. They represent the most brilliant and adaptable creatures of their kind, and share their own stories of success and failure in trying to marry tradition with innovation. They will also discuss their tips and tricks, trend forecasts and opinions about what the old world has to offer the new, and how agile creative practitioners can best evolve. It will also prompt an open discussion about the way forward for the creative and digital industrial evolution.

Panellists include:

  • Victoria Baldock,  CEO of screen distribution service Verve Entertainment
  • Rosie Lourde, actress and producer
  • Gregory Anderson, creative director of Trigger Design
  • Melanie Hornsell, award-winning musician and songwriter
  • Laura Bloom, author and self-publisher

Saturday 3rd June 2017, 3 – 5pm

Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks

Cost = Full Price $49 + gst

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