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CESSNOCK: Pricing for Creatives

August 23 @ 5:30 pm 7:30 pm

A woman with long dark hair tied back is sitting at a desk, holding a small brown package and looking thoughtfully to the side while holding a pen to her chin. She is surrounded by packing materials, including tape and other boxes. There are shelves with additional boxes and some plants in the background. In the bottom right corner, there is a logo for Service NSW Business Connect


What should I charge? This question plagues creative practitioners and arts no matter what industry. There are answers, but they are fascinating and complicated.

Working out what to charge for creative products and services can be a colossal challenge. Where to even start? What’s It Worth? is a practical workshop that covers the basics of figuring out the price point for creative work, including calculating costs and understanding the marketplace what to charge for creative products and services.


With a specific focus on the arts and creative industries, this workshop covers:

+ The beginnings of the process and working out how much everything costs.

+ Working out the Unit Cost measurement, and its place to the costing process.

+ The value of time, and how to measure effectively.

+ Choosing the right pricing method for your products and services.

+ Understanding how to evaluate the marketplace with the right kind of research.

+ The Psychology of Pricing, and how it impacts on what you can charge for your work.

What do I get? 
All participants of this workshop also receive:

+ Lifetime access to a Dropbox folder jam-packed full of additional resources and helpful links

+ A Workbook to assist with the practical elements of the workshop.

+ Access to additional free webinars to supplement the material covered in the workshop.

+ The possibility of further one-to-one business advice, mentoring and support from one of our creative industries business specialist advisors. We have a whole team ready to help!

All questions are welcome in this relaxed, safe and inclusive workshop. Participants are also encouraged to share their own experiences and network with their fellow practitioners. 

Who is it for? Creative freelancers, established practitioners, arts organisations. 

Who is presenting? 
Emmie Hallett has one foot planted firmly in each world – the arts and small business – and loves helping people turn their creative work into a business reality. She has been an educator for 15+ years and is focused on delivering practical, actionable training where you walk away knowing how to do things, not just why you should.

What is NSW Business Connect? 
Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start, run, adapt or grow your small business. Creative Plus Business provides confidential, independent business advice and skills training for small and medium creative businesses across NSW as part of the NSW Government’s Business Connect program.

What’s Creative Plus Business? 
We’re a social enterprise dedicated to educating creative people and arts organisations about business skills. We help through sharing practical knowledge in a fun and irreverent way, and everything we do is designed to help creatives to feel more confident and comfortable about the entrepreneurial aspects of their creative practice. We believe that a bit of naughtiness, tempered with a kind heart and a big dose of professionalism, is the key to helping creative people understand the boring basics of business.

Accessibility: if you have any access requirements, please email hello@creativeplusbusiness.com

Venue: Wild Learning, 111 Wollombi Road, Cessnock


Creative Plus Business is an approved independent provider for Service NSW Business Connect until June 2025.