Art Business Tax Essentials

Tax laws are always changing and you will want to make the right decisions to protect your finances. Don’t be misled by tax myths and poor online advice that can cost you money.

This half-day workshop helps creative freelancers and arts businesses practitioners to answer some of the biggest tax questions they might have!

This workshop is presented by Electra Frost, a Chartered Tax Adviser and Accountant with close to 20 years’ experience in professional accounting and tax consulting for creative and artistic businesses. Electra will share some priceless tips in this structured session.

The topics discussed are relevant to anyone who needs to know more about appropriate business structuring and tax strategies relevant to the creative industries. Film makers and video producers, authors and visual artists, musicians and entertainers, designers and developers, creative tech entrepreneurs and more – all will benefit.

The workshop is intensive and focuses on the specialist areas which Electra regularly explains to her clients. There will be pauses mid-topic to allow you the opportunity to note down certain questions you may wish to ask. There will be time to answer those questions in between the topics, and any tax advice discussed will be helpful but general in nature.

What do I get?

All participants of this workshop also receive:

  • Printed Power Point slides for notes;
  • A digital workbook;
  • Various resources and links on our website will be shown for more information on topics.

The workshop is relaxed and informal, you can ask all the questions you’ve never been able to ask before, and participants will also be given ample opportunity to network and get to know each other.

Who should enrol?

Creative industries professionals and arts business people from start-up to established. Freelancers and soloists also welcome.

Who is Presenting?

When Electra Frost became an accountant nearly 20 years ago, she worked for Sydney firms with many upcoming and high-profile arts, music and film industry clients. Before accounting, she played in and managed bands and went to art school. When she saw an accountant for her band in 1998 she decided she had to get her head around it all to help her peers. ABN’s and GST were soon to be introduced. Everyone suddenly needed to know whether they were in business and what to do if they were. Not only that, Electra’s colleagues were on the lookout for good accountants who were affordable, understood their fluctuating incomes and what they did for a living and, most importantly, respected their personal motivations for pursuing a career in the arts.

Now having run her own practice for 10 years, with two tax law degrees plus a couple of accounting and finance diplomas under her belt, Electra is a leading expert in her field. She is committed to the creative industries, and provides advice on all kinds of tax, accounting, business and financial issues which affect her varied and mostly self-employed clients.

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