Freelance Survival Skills




Freelance creatives are very often launching themselves into a ‘portfolio’ career without a whole lot of training about how to actually make it work. This practical and entertaining one day course covers the most essential aspects of learning how to freelance in a creative career, including:

  • Getting Started and Having a Plan – Be Your Own Boss is real!
  • Structural Basics – Know your rights and responsibilities
  • Diversifying your Income – Creating multiple sources of income from your talent
  • Working Out Your Rates – what exactly should you charge?
  • Super and Tax – Resources to help with the Scary Stuff
  • Finding and Keeping Clients – Marketing and business development to end the day!

What do I get?  All participants of this workshop also receive:

  • A printed workbook to help them with the practical elements;
  • Lifetime access to a dedicated Freelance Survival Skills dropbox folder full of additional resources and help;
  • Access to a dedicated webpage full of links and resources to help
  • The chance to meet other creative freelancers just like you, and ask all the questions you’ve never been able to ask before.

Who should enrol?

This workshop is ideal for freelancers at any stage, people transitioning into self-employment, graduates, early stage freelancers, and curious hobbyists. The workshop is relevant no matter what your profession – filmmakers, writers, designers, visual artists, musicians, composers, dancers, performers – everyone can benefit from a quick introduction or refresher to the basics of freelancing.

Who is Presenting?

Business advisor and creative industries expert Monica Davidson from the Creative Plus Business Group. Monica is a writer and filmmaker by trade who learned how to run a successful creative business and now shares that knowledge with others. In her workshops Monica discusses her own experiences, and shares examples from the 900-plus people she has mentored through the process of starting and building their creative businesses.


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PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash