Create NSW – New Income Toolkit

Sep 23, 2020 | Case Study

Working in conjunction with Generate, our director Monica contributed three sections to the Creating New Income Toolkit that was released by Create NSW in November 2018. The Toolkit is tailored to creative practitioners and small to medium organisations and takes a “how-to” approach to topics related to growing and developing income streams.

Monica wrote the sections on:

  • New Products and Services, which outlined ways to identify and develop commercial income streams for creative practice, pricing guides, creating value and coordinating launch;
  • Business Sponsorship, which covered how to identify and start conversations with sponsors, how to develop a sponsorship proposal, and how to close the deal; 
  • Telling Your Story, which showed how to calculate and communicate the impact of creative work, how to run a social media campaign and leverage your brand, and how to pitch. 

“By sharing our gathered industry expertise and practical experience, we are keen to help organisations to become financially sustainable through strategies including philanthropy, sponsorship, crowdfunding and the introduction of new products. This toolkit has been developed in direct response to sector feedback that asked us to share best practice advice on how to build skills and capacity across these key areas. I’m certain this will be an invaluable asset across the state.”
Former Minister for the Arts Don Harwin, October 2018

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